4 Ways Your Business Can Survive A Looming Collapse

In a looming financial crisis, a business is more likely to suffer significant consequences. We’re living in an era where most companies are going to experience a worse cessation to the economy than what happened in 2009.

As a business owner, staying afloat gets harder with each passing day, and you can experience lots of job losses or pay deductions in an attempt to survive.

While it may be incredibly challenging to mitigate damages, here are a few things you can consider to avoid any layoff.

1. Provide more value to customers

When the economy is almost collapsing, customers tend to minimize their expenses. Even if your business is selling something customers can’t do without, they’ll always try to reduce their intake, and this adversely affects your sales

One significant way to prevent an imminent income decline is to add more value to the goods or services you sell. When you offer more value, clients stop considering your products as expenses and start viewing them as necessities.

2. Prioritize on the business interest

In a looming financial recession, even well-established corporates run the risk of collapsing. It is natural, in such times, to be torn between helping your business or employees.

Ideally, it’s essential to keep both, but most entrepreneurs often feel stuck between using the last penny to make employees happy or keeping the business afloat.

While you can apply for consolidation loans in Singapore to keep the business running, the best long-term decision is to keep the business running is to prioritize the company. Making a quick loan decision could be a win-win both for you and the employees.

3. Partner with both upstream and downstream providers

Companies and clients experience the recession alike and get hit equally hard. It’s worth noting the two ways the average customer cuts down on expenses. First, they cut down on the things they don’t need like movies and subscriptions. Then, they reduce the money used on necessities.

Collaborate with people who provide services that are upstream and downstream of what you provide in your business. This approach works exceptionally well as it helps both the company and the clients.

4. Innovate pricing offers

One of the ways with significant efficacy for your clients is to make your service more affordable to the client and to enhance your cash flow.

Consider collaborating with service providers that allow your customers to pay for a product in instalments – which makes the product more affordable to the buyer. If you’re using such a service, make sure you get your full payment at the end of the period.

Depending on your services, you may also consider changing from licensing fees to monthly subscriptions. Another method would be to give discounts to customers who pay upfront. For instance, if a customer decides to pay annually over monthly, you can give them the first month to use the service freely.

Such a method would be beneficial to both the business and your customers.


An economic recession is steep for everyone. Companies and clients feel the pinch alike, but it vital to remember that the economy always comes back to life.

Your primary focus right now is to survive, keeping in mind that everything will turn over soon. Do everything possible to be among the few who keep their businesses and shops open.