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Welcome to Orange Credit,
One of Singapore’s Most Trusted Licensed Moneylenders

At Orange Credit, we understand our clients’ need for reliable and easy fast cash loans to soothe their financial worries. As a trusted and legal money lender in Singapore, we are dedicated to extending a helping hand in assisting our clients in their time of need with instant cash loans for a range of purposes.

Orange Credit is fully licensed and operates strictly under regulations stipulated by the Ministry of Law and the Moneylenders Act and Rules. This means that our financial services have been approved by Singapore’s regulatory body, allowing us to be your first and foremost destination for reliable financial solutions.

Understanding Cash Loans With Us

Licensed and reputable money lender such as Orange Credit is the saviour when it comes to unforeseen financial emergencies in life as a result of unexpected occurrences such as medical emergencies, accidents, credit card bills or any other reasons. A legal and fast cash loan approval from Orange Credit could make the difference in helping your preserve and live your way of life without losing what is important to you.

Money lending in Singapore can be a complicated process. However, that is not true when it comes to taking a quick cash loan from us. As a highly reputable instant loan company in Geylang (located nearby Paya Lebar MRT station), our processes are streamlined to quicken the time it takes for you to grab a fast and easy cash loan from us, allowing you minimal financial downtime. Be it for a personal financial issue or for a new business venture, Orange Credit is dedicated to working with you to provide quick and the most suitable loan solutions for you to start making your payments.

Grab an appointment with us and hurry down to our office in Geylang (near Paya Lebar MRT station) for a no-obligation discussion with our professional, experienced; and friendly loan officers today!

Our Offer At Orange Credit

 14-day interest free promotion

For all new customers coming to Orange Credit, you will enjoy a 14-day Interest Free promotion. That means if you have taken up a loan with us today, and decided to repay the full loan amount within the first 14 days, there will be NO INTEREST charged for this loan.

 Free consultation

Our professional loan consultant will provide a one to one free consultation for you. You can either arrange for a video conferencing with us or drop by our office if you are nearby. We will sit with you, hear about the challenges that you are facing and give you some truthful advice, at no charge or obligation to you.

 Well planned payment schedule

We provide a well planned payment schedule tailor-made for you. We discuss in details with you to work out your monthly disposable income to ensure that you can have a comfortable and easy monthly repayment. For debt consolidation loan, we provide monthly installment of up to 36 months.


Consolidation Loan

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Business Loan

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Payday Loan

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Personal Loan

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Foreigner Loan

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For secured loans, you can obtain a loan of any amount. For unsecured loans, you can obtain: * Up to $3,000, if your annual income is less than $20,000; * Up to 6 months’ income, if your annual income is $20,000 or more

    Why You Should Choose Orange Credit as Your Licensed Money Lender

    1. We listen

    Orange Credit seeks to understand your plight and financial situation, delivering and drafting up the best eligible financial plan that is suited to your situation. Even if you have bad credit, we do not reject any applications and seek to offer loans that are tailored to everyone's financial needs.

    2. We are trusted and reliable

    In the list by Ministry of Law of authorised licensed moneylenders in Singapore, Orange Credit Pte Ltd is one of 156 licensed moneylenders. Our businesses and services strictly adhere to the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Law. Therefore our services and processes are transparent and fair for all. As a licensed moneylender, we also provide our customers with contracts and receipts for any and all proceedings.

    Our website includes the MyInfo portal, which only approved and reputable moneylending agencies can be eligible for. It is a part of our verification and information retrieval loan application procedure to ensure safe and seamless processes.

    3. Simple loan process

    We believe that money lending in Singapore can be extremely complicated for first-time borrower or borrower with bad credit. However, we seek to change that by providing easy and simple loan processes that ensure our customers can receive a loan suitable for their financial situation. This means our professional team can draw up a financial plan that is best suited to your needs.

    4. Quick loans

    In addition to a simple loan process, we offer quick loans that allow all of our customers to simply grab a fast and easy cash loan when they visit. This saves on financial downtime, will enable customers to receive their financial help earlier, and ensures that it can provide for a suitable loan solution.

    5. Consolidate any existing debts or loans

    Are you currently undertaking multiple different loans while on bad credit rating? This is where Orange Credit can help with debt consolidation plans. By consolidating and turning all of your loans into a single loan, we can make your repayments easier in the future. Not only that, but due to debt consolidation plans, your credit score will only improve when you repay your debts, making it a win-win for our customers.

    6. Wide range of loans for easy eligibility

    With up to 6 different loans catered to your financial needs, having easy loan eligibility can make all the difference. Orange Credit provides easy approval loans so that all of our customers will be able to obtain a financial plan that is suited for their needs. This includes customers with bad credit rating as well.

    Rules & Regulations for a Licensed Moneylender

    As a licensed moneylender that adheres to the rules of the Ministry of Law, there are guidelines required. Below you will find all of the points that can help you differentiate between unlicensed and licensed moneylenders.

    1. The maximum interest rate is 4% for personal loan

    Did you know that the maximum interest rate that licensed moneylenders can charge is capped at 4% per month? This means no matter what your monthly income may be, licensed moneylenders can only charge you 4% for every month should there be no failure in repayment. Moreover the interest rate is calculated on a reducing balance basis.

    2. Late repayment for personal loan

    Should you fail to repay your loans on time, licensed money lenders can charge a late interest rate capped at 4% per month on that outstanding late installment and only $60 as a maximum fee for each month of late repayment regardless of the loan amount. This does not apply to any repayments that may have been previously made.

    3. Borrowing costs for personal loan

    Upon granting a personal loan there is an administrative fee charged not exceeding 10% of the principal loan amount. When borrowing from legal and licensed moneylenders, the borrowing cost should not exceed the original loan amount. When late repayment fees, interest rate charges and administrative charges are added up, they should not exceed the total principal loan amount.

    4. Understanding the difference between unlicensed and licensed moneylenders

    Licensed moneylenders are offered three channels to advertise their services. As such, it is best to keep yourself informed should you decide to obtain a loan, and you aren't sure if the moneylender is licensed or unlicensed. Here are the three channels you can find licensed moneylenders operating on.

    • Business or consumer directories (online or print media)
    • Official moneylender website
    • Advertisements that are placed near, on the exterior or within licensed moneylender’s business location

    If you receive any unsolicited calls, flyers or other types of advertisement that are not part of the three listed above, they could be unlicensed moneylenders or licensed moneylenders violating the laws in Singapore.


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