Consolidation Loan


Consolidation Loan

Being burdened with multiple loans which keeps snowballing into larger and larger outstanding amounts is a problem that many people face. Because of this, they face a lot of ​challenges​ in managing the various lenders and repayments, causing them to be in a financial struggle constantly. This is where Orange Credit’s consolidation loan could help to put an end to your worries.

Why Debt Consolidation is Important

People who have unwisely borrowed money from different independent moneylender companies in Singapore often end up trapped in an unending cycle of borrow-and-pay scenarios. Faced with a need to balance their fixed income with the ever-ballooning demands of loan repayments, they begin to spiral down into an increasingly unmanageable situation.

This relentless pressure disrupts not just their ability to cater to spending on basic household amenities and family essentials but can also affect their quality of life and eventually, their social standing in Singapore. Debt that keeps increasing in a short span of time can cause them to go from financial stability to financial ruin.

How Debt Consolidation Helps

At Orange Credit, we provide debt consolidation services that can potentially help you to get out of the debt cycle. As an approved and legal financial loan company, we are also more than just a regular moneylender as our financial management and debt consolidation methods enable you to extricate yourself from the burden of financial stress and be free from the unending debt repayment cycle.

Benefits of Debt Consolidation

Similar to a personal loan, ​an​ approved debt consolidation loan​s helps you to clear all your other loans and focus on servicing one loan with a fixed tenure. Once you have a debt consolidation loan with us that covers your payables and borrowing, all you need to manage is a single monthly repayment instead of having to manage multiple payments with various moneylenders. In addition, you will have less paperwork to go through and have the convenience of having only one point of contact for making payments.

Debt consolidation with companies can also help you with cash savings as you can have a lower interest rate, which can potentially help you to enjoy bigger savings on your monthly repayments and save a significant amount of money as compared to not having a debt consolidation loan. The savings can then be used to help you recover from your financially stressful position so that you can begin having a new lease on life.

With a debt consolidation loan, you can have a real date on which your debts disappear. It also means that you have an effective and safe way to step off an unstable financial track. Finally, and most importantly, you will now have a reason to believe that you will be able to return to a life filled with peace of mind.

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