How to convince your moneylender

Are you in great need and are considering to borrow some money from a money lender near you? Mind you, these money lenders have their own reputation and business to take care of, they will not be fooled by made up stories and lies.

01 Tell your story

When you are talking to your money lender, you have to convince him that you really need the money you are borrowing. It is a good idea to tell your story, but make sure not to turn it into a full blown drama show. Money lenders all have their shares of stories to tell to, and most often than not, there is this one money borrower that turned the interview into a torture den because of too much drama. While telling your story is essential, turning it into a sob-story just so your money lender will pity you is not the way to go.

When these money lenders were asked if they were moved by the stories, their answers were simple: “No.” They thought that it was a bit exaggerated when people and families begin to cry. So to make things short, tell your story but don’t turn it into a drama show.

02 Tell the truth

Moneylenders will ask a series of questions before approving your application. This is their defense mechanism from borrowers who are making up stories just to be favored by the money lender. When you are in an interview, tell the truth no matter how silly or unconvincing it may sound. Making up stories will only lead your money lender to deny you, I repeat, making up stories will not help you get approved.

These money lenders know how to ask questions that are meant to lure you into a trap if ever you are lying. They have questions devised to make it so as if you are answering different questions, but in reality, your answers are just spinning around until they find that some of your answers are contradicting, and that is how they find out that you were lying in the first place.

03 Spread the word

If you found a nice money lender, do them good by referring them to your friends or anyone you know. These money lenders are exerting efforts just to help people like you get the money that they need. The least anybody they have approved of can do is to spread the word and make more customers go to them. This will help them with their business and this will also help you get approved easier the next time you need a loan again.

In addition to your money lender being kind to you, you also have to be kind to them. Even if you are getting annoyed with their questions, you have to remember that they are just doing their job. Scolding them and not being nice to them can result to you being banned with that moneylenders and as well as to the other money lenders that are acquainted to that certain lender.