Tiny changes for BIG savings

Let’s talk about money saving tips that you can slowly incorporate into your lifestyle, but will offer you big rewards in the end. Have you ever given a thought on how much you spend daily? Do you spend lavishly or are you a thrifty person? I’d like to share with you some little things that you can start doing to be able to save money everyday so that you can save more money for your future.

01 Bring packed foods

Make it a habit to cook food at home and bring packed lunch to your work, this can greatly reduce the money you spend on fast foods and lavish restaurants. Another good thing about bringing packed food is you can eat healthy, you can prepare foods that are both healthy, but still very affordable. You won’t just be saving money, you’ll also be healthier!

02 Cut down on electricity

More often than not we tend to leave some unnecessary lights or appliances on or on standby. Just by turning off your appliances properly or unplugging them you can actually save a lot on your bills. Make sure to be diligent in turning the lights off when not in use, it is also good to look for a place that has windows so you can use the natural light to your advantage. It is also important to buy energy efficient appliances.

03 Rewards, rewards, rewards!

Take advantage of rewards, points, and coupons. Even if you don’t shop in that store often, sign up for a free rewards card (they are usually free of charge) by slowly earning points, you’ll eventually earn a substantial amount that you can use to purchase goods from them. Save those coupons, they may be as cheap as a 5% discount, but that’s still a discount and you can easily add that amount to your savings. Take advantage of credit cards that offers you big rewards on various retail stores, talk to your bank about the different credit cards they offer and the advantages of each.

04 Always make a list

Never go shopping without making a list or at least a guide on what you are going to buy; this will help you stick to your agenda and to prevent yourself from impulsive buying. If you’re going for a grocery shopping, also make sure to list the things that you have to buy and just bring enough money to cover your expenses, avoid bringing your card or a large amount of cash to stop yourself from buying unnecessary things.

05 Entertainment shouldn’t be expensive

You can always go for a walk in the park; we have a lot of parks and museums in the city that offers free-admission, take advantage of those and be entertained without spending anything. If you do decide to spend on recreation make sure to choose something that is both practical and fun, watch out for those bazaars too, they offer cheap foods and cheap finds!

06 Always practice the TEN SECOND RULE

Just before you head to the checkout counter or before you hit that check out button when online shopping, ask yourself why you need to buy it, if you can’t come up with a valid reason within ten seconds, it’s probably not worth the money.

These are just some of the tiny things you can do to save up little by little. These are things that will not be disruptive on your daily routines, but will be able to provide you tremendous amount benefits in the future. So I say, start on those tiny changes and make way for bigger savings.