5 Sticky Situations In Which Loans Will Come In Handy

Emergencies are time-pressing and unpredictable, and sometimes individuals don’t have the cash on hand to deal with them. However, when other sources of cash have been exhausted, loans can be a great way to handle these speed bumps in life.

From major purchases to urgent medical needs, you can have better peace of mind when you have the funds required. Instant cash loans specifically made to be quick-approval are available at many moneylenders, and can help people through their most pressing times.

Here are some of the reasons why people have taken out loans – and if you are facing any of them, these will show you how loans can help.

1. Medical emergencies

Even though most Singaporeans are covered by medical insurance, they can still seek an emergency personal loan. This is because treatment costs can exceed the total amount that is covered by medical insurances.

Loans can literally be lifesavers in this way, where it helps distressed family members pay off urgent medical bills required for their relatives to receive the needed treatments.

2. Consolidation of debts

There are cases of people landing themselves into multiple debts. While loans and debts are not to be shunned, having too many can become a huge burden. In these cases, a debt consolidation loan can help.

A debt consolidation loan is one excellent way to simplify multiple outstanding debts, with a monthly installment loan at a relatively low interest rate.

3. Cover lifestyle expenses

Taking out loans to fund lavish or unnecessary lifestyle expenses should be treated with utmost caution. While you do not want to overspend and land yourself in a mire of debt, some significant events may warrant loans as a wise choice.

For example, taking out a loan to fund an extravagant wedding way above your financial ability is best avoided. But if you are planning a reasonably-priced wedding, you can use loans to ease the burden on your finances, so that you won’t find yourself with a significant dip in funds all of a sudden.

4. Education costs

Every parent wants the best for their child, and that includes sending them to the best schools they can go to. However, when the tuition fees of some of these institutions are sky-high, loans are often the first thing parents turn to for assistance.

Education loans are widely available at many banks and some schools themselves. As education loans involve hefty sums of money, it is always crucial to take note of the terms and conditions, especially repayment times, early payment penalties, and so on.

5. Emergency home repairs

Dents or cracks in your home are inevitable. They may be caused by many different reasons, such as the age of the property, or from changing weather conditions. If you do not have sufficient savings to take action and repair these cracks, you can apply for a personal loan to pay for your renovations.

You should speak to licensed moneylenders in Singapore as they can ensure that you are able to get all of the required benefits you need. Before requesting a loan, you should also check the interest rates, loan tenure, and the processing fees of the emergency loan.


Loans are a handy source of help in tiding you through certain difficult situations. When you choose the right loans and lender, they do not take a long time to get approved. Thus, they are an excellent solution for any financial difficulty. It is also important to speak to reliable moneylenders in Singapore so that they can guide you through the loan application process and ensure that you get the best terms, tenure, and benefits that you need.