4 Hard Questions To Ask Before Borrowing On Bad Credit

Taking a quick cash loan when you’re on bad credit isn’t easy. It could hamper your finances, and the long-term effects could be devastating. Below are some of the hard questions you should ask before committing to a loan on bad credit.

1. Can I manage the payments?

The annual interest rates and charges for a loan could be exponentially higher than you think. The more you roll over the loan or repay the loan to meet daily expenditures, you could be made to pay a lot more through interest.

This is especially applicable when it comes to short-term loans like or payday loans. A recent study from Pew Charitable Trusts revealed that the number of people who can complete the loan repayments hardly reaches 15%. The higher the interest rate, the more tightening it will be to repay the loan, and you will have to stretch yourself to complete the payment.

2. Is the loan amortizing?

To save yourself from a cycle of debt, and beyond taking care of the overall interest rate of the loan, you need to ask yourself whether or not the mortgage is amortizing.

Amortizing loans don’t charge a single interest fee, but they accumulate interest for a long time. This means that you will accrue less money in interest compared to the principal amount, and completing the loan repayment will save you lots of money.

Each time you make a repayment, the money goes to settle the loan, and the earlier you make the payment, the sooner you’ll clear the debt. If you’re going to take up a loan, select one that has an amortizing payment system. Otherwise, you could plunge yourself into a cycle of high interest.

3. What about the annual interest rate?

You should ask yourself this question when taking out any loans like a debt consolidation loan. Choosing one with an overall high-interest rate could make you suffer huge losses in hundreds, if not thousands.

When it comes to short-term interest rates, the interest rates could sky-rocket exponentially, and the best advice is to take loans like easy cash loans in Singapore that have relatively affordable interest rates, both for business and personal uses.

4. What is the other customer’s take?

Before taking up any product or service, it is essential to check what other clients have said. Check out the reviews on social media platforms like Facebook or Google to understand the personal experiences of other people before committing to the loan.


In the long-run, the ideal way to avoid unscrupulous credit providers is to fix your credit score. While you might be having financial obligations that need attention presently, it is critical to settle your credit score to avoid any problems in the future.